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TBM Shield Driving Disc Cutter Ring Cutters Roller Disc Cutter


Disc Cutter is hard rock tool. It is to crush the rocks by the extruding force, shearing force and tensile force formed by cutter rolling. ( The rock strength, rock integrality, tunneling distance, sand content determine the selection, quantity, arrangement of Disc cutters on the Cutter Head). Disc Cutter is generally used in the loose strata which contain much gravels with the diameter bigger than 400mm, and the mixed ground with clay, sandy and up to 30MPa strength rocks.

They are used for or TMB tunneling engineering .Different models are designed according to different geology and applications.

Features of shield cutter

1.Changeable holder welding position for cutting angle adjusting.

2.Quick-change connection design for easy replacement.

3.Embedded carbids on cutting edge and two sides  for long-lasting tool life in abrasive condition.

4.Forging technology provides high strength properties.

5.According to the technical drawings using standard material specification production
6.Competitive price and products
7.tungsten carbide tip

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