Blast furnace drill rod

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  • blast furnace drill bars and bit

    blast furnace drill bars and bit

    R32 R38 R25 R28 blast furnace tap hole drill bars and bit
  • blast furance drill rod steel plant drill rod drill pipe tap hole drill hollow steel bar
  • Blast furnace drill rod

    Blast furnace drill rod

    we are chinese biggest blast furnace drill rod and bit mill.

    Adopt high quality steel and tungsten carbide to ensure product quality.Patented drill bit designs ensure fast footage speed and good quality of drilled holes.Various specifications are available for production as per customers’ special requirement.Professional and cost‐effective.

    blast furnace drilling tools include:blast furance drill bit,blat furnace drill rod, adapter shank and mainly used in steel mill,tapping machine,TM machine,TM drill machine drill rod and bit.Germany drill rod and bit.drilling the tap hole mud clay to release the liquid iron. The piston of drill rig directly impacts the shank, makes impact power reach the bit through rod by the form of stress wave, so as to work on the breakage of rock. The primary breaking way is impacting while the secondary is cutting; both are with high drilling efficiency. Usually the land surface of the earth is covered with loose, unconsolidated material such as soil, clay, silt, sand, gravel and boulders, which varies in depth from a few centimeters to hundreds of meters.Use concentric system can drill this complex formation very well.The systems are available through the whole product range the smallest being for 114 mm (4 1/2″) casing and  largest size available at the moment is for 1220 mm (48″) casing.

  • blast furnace drill rod

    blast furnace drill rod

    blast furnace tap hole drill rod and bit for steel mill.R32 R38 drill rod and bit.